The Lazy Not-so-much-a-baker’s Key Lime Cake

Hello, welcome back and all that lovely stuff! I know we’ve been on a bit of hiatus again… as in it’s been months – remember us? In our defence: 4th year, volunteering, working and grad school applications can eat up just a teensy bit of our time! We will try to do better though!


Today’s recipe is delicious but as the name implies – simple and easy.



–          Mini angel food cakes (store-bought or homemade)

–          Light Lemon Pudding mix

–          Lime Juice

–          Light cool whip

–          Lime candy to garnish


In an effort to make up for being a lousy daughter and missing my Mom’s birthday, I recently (several months ago…ahem…blogging hiatus again), made her an altered version of her very favourite kind of cake – Key Lime Cake. Even though it has been several months, it was yummy enough that I’m still excited to share the recipe! That must be one good cake, right? I can’t take much credit considering how easy it is to make, but I will share it nonetheless. This key-lime cake is not super healthy per se but I would say it is a healthier take on traditional key-lime cake! So sit back and find out just how easy it was…


Having heard that angel food cake is super hard to make, I chickened out of making my own and bought the store version; hence the title “the Lazy Bakers Key-Lime Pie”. Although, the reason I chickened out was not so much sheer laziness but fear of ruining the cake with my less-than-superb baking skills. Anyways, the mini cakes from the store work best, because you will be using them as a bowl for the filling.


To make the filling, mix cool whip with 1 tsp lime juice, and half of a packet of lemon pudding mix. I used a whisk but if you’re fancy-pants go ahead and use your electric mixer. You will need to really stir the mixture, as the pudding mix will crystallize and you want the filling to be smooth!


Once you’ve mixed the filling, fill the cake ‘cup’ and garnish with a lime candy. If the mini cakes you have don’t already have a bowl-like shape (again, lazy me, mine did), use a bread knife to shape the middle into your bowl.


That is all. Finito. Done.


SUPER easy, right?


Ciao for now!