The Bright, Shiny and Bold You

Hello Ladies!

Hope all is bright, shiny and bold.

Now that you have an idea of who we are, we wanted to give you an insight into our blog.

We like to think of this blog as a tree.  A big, beautiful palm tree. A big, beautiful palm tree with deep, ingrained roots providing stability, comfort and protection whilst waving her big, beautiful, shiny leaves around. This metaphor encompasses all that we strive for our blog to be:

The deep roots: Substance & Personality

The strong trunk: Health & Vigour

The shiny leaves: Beauty, stemming from the wealth of the roots & the trunk

To us, this tree signifies a natural lifestyle that we hope to share with you through this blog. A lifestyle of balance. A balance between a passion for working hard, a passion for being healthy, a passion for looking one’s best while doing both, and most importantly, a passion for life. This natural lifestyle can be incorporated easily into the busy lives of today’s 21st Century women – including quick and easy workouts (easy vis-à-vis the assimilation of the workouts into your daily routines and not necessarily vis-à-vis the intensity of it 😉 ); quick, easy and affordable natural beauty methods and techniques; and pieces on a general positive outlook to life.

We count Audrey Hepburn as one of our biggest inspirations with reference to beauty, health and again, a general outlook to life. Hence our title – a modern-day, cutting-edge personification of the legend of Audrey Hepburn.

Look at that! How beautiful IS she!

Anyway, we will be incorporating articles on Nutrition & Fitness (written by Sam); Beauty (by Mallika); and a whole bunch of other life-related and humour-related stuff.

Each of you is very important to us (the minute we see a new comment/follower, we squeal like Jerry caught in a hailstorm of cheese. Seriously.). We would love to get to know you better and we don’t get offended easily, so do feel free to drop by and send us a message on suggestions for articles/ways to improve/comments or just to say hi!

.    .    .

Stay Bright, Bold and Be-YOU-tiful!


Welcome to our Audreable World


We’re two best friends, living in Canada, currently in university, making our mark in this world, a li’l titbit of which is this blog. We started this blog on an enthusiastic whim fuelled by our desire and constant effort to strike a balance between mountain-loads of work, severe lack of monetary resources and trying to have a smidge of a social life. See we love you guys so much that here we are providing you with a ‘balancing-life’ blog whilst buckling over our butts to cater to your every need. We have a flair for bad jokes and sarcasm. ‘We’ are Mallika and Sam, by the way.

Just a little intro to each of our colourful personalities:

Mallika likes:

– Books

– Travelling

– Katy Perry

– Third Wave Feminism

– You 🙂

Mallika dislikes:

– Super sappy movies

– Super serious people

– Jersey Shore

– Narrow-mindedness

– Lizards

Sam likes:

– Friends

– Jack Johnson

– Scarves

– Our lovely readers (I swear I’m not just copying…)

– Being active

Sam dislikes:

– Super scary movies (cannot handle them)

– People who think they’re better than everyone else

– The Kardashians

– When the traffic light turns yellow and you’re driving…

– Spiders

So, hopefully that gave you a little bit of an insight into our spacey minds (spacey because it’s so big  and full of random stuff). Sorry about the bad humour, please brace yourself cause this is how we roll 😉

Oooh also, in case you haven’t noticed via our highly hilarious header, we are in love with Audrey Hepburn.

And, just a little note: we are not experts or health professionals, we simply write through our own experiences and research.

Until next time, tootles!

P.S. Sam on the left, Mallika on the right