Blue Sky and Sunshine

Hello Lovelies,

I hope everyone is having a great week and has had as wonderful weather as we have had here in London! Seeing the green grass and blue sky with sun just made my day! I think the beautiful weather makes a huge difference in my thinking; I love starting out the day by looking out the window at a nice blue sky – how can you not be positive when you see that?

I have a new workout and smoothie recipe to share!

Here is the workout:

– 20 minutes stationary bike

– 20 minutes yoga (Mandy Ingber’s Self Magazine workout)

– 30 plank rows

– 30 mountain climbers

– 1 minute plank

– 2 X 1 minute side plank (on each side)

– Arm Pullover Crunches with dumbbells

From Google Images

It was a great workout and felt amazing afterwards. My arms felt like noodles for the rest of the day; oddly enough I see this as success 😛 I decided to have a smoothie with a little bit of an extra protein burst after our crazy workout! So here it is; my latest smoothie recipe. This one is really a meal replacement type of smoothie (trust me you will be full after you drink it).


– Plain Soymilk

– 2 tablespoons rolled oats

– 1 tablespoon peanut butter

– ½ scoop of protein powder

– 1 frozen banana (cut your banana into pieces before freezing or you’ll have quite the time trying to blend it)


– Blend 2 tbsp rolled oats with a splash of soymilk until blended into a paste

– Add the remaining ingredients and blend for approx. 30 seconds


From Google Images

I really liked this smoothie and would recommend it for a breakfast smoothie. It’s really creamy, you almost feel like you’re having a milkshake!

Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful weather!


Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You.